Costa Rica

Costa Rica. .a coast full of richness. A true Travel Story that happened to me while I was producing a video and traveling in Costa Rica.

That day I woke up at dawn. It was our last day in Santa Teresa and the waves were perfect. I had been in Costa Rica for almost two weeks at this point. Time enough to be stunned by the beauty of the country, the people and the infinite natural landscape. I had finally understood their “Pura Vida”... I was happy. That day, was a day to enjoy a day to be thankful. That day... I also got robbed. Thousands of euros lost in equipment and work in development. All the footage of Costa Rica... gone! But... you know what? I’m not going to waste my last days regretting it. I’m going to spend them collecting stories and living fully I’m taking the one camera that I saved, with 10% battery left... and I’m telling you this story! And if you ask me : - Who’s richer now? I’d tell you: - It’s kind of a win-win situation. See you soon, Costa Rica. Pura Vida.

Directed by: Guilherme Melo Ribeiro Camera & Edit: Guilherme Melo Ribeiro Written by: Luisa Fidalgo

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