HumanEyes was born in 2013 as an inspirational storytelling project to share real travel stories from around the world. I have been blessed to be able to travel the world since I was young and to absorb how travelling with an open mind transformed me.

In 2018 I joined up with my friend Afonso for a crazy idea – to multiply the lessons travelling had given me and offer the same opportunities to other people.
We created YourBestLife, and now I want to share with you the authentic journey of growing a startup, doing what you love, creating what the world needs, and living a balanced, passionate life.

HumanEyes has now become my identity – what I believe, my passion, what I stand for, and a platform for me to share my journey, my mistakes and what I learn along the way.

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Film & Photo. Capturing the authentic.
Message and emotions always first.

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“(…) and when you see the video, you realize why I had tears in my eyes, because they discovered what India is really about. I cannot tell you how humbled I feel, how small I feel when I see people like these. Honestly, I think they are the real ambassadors of India and in a way, the message that India carries to the world.”

Mrs K. Nandini Singla - Ambassador of India to Portugal

Dear Guilherme, I just wanted to share this feedback with you!
(…) One of the best videos I have seen for a while (…) Your film brings so much pleasure to people.  You’re are blessed with a special talent. Thank you.”

Khin Omar Win - co-Founder & Owner at Gangtey Lodge


Communication is key. Digital Marketing. UX driven


Balancing life with my passions, while giving back.

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Guilherme Melo Ribeiro is a young entrepreneur and passionate storyteller in constant search for the authentic and humane side of stories to capture and share with the world.
An entrepreneur since childhood – from the classic lemonade stand to selling hats to friends and creating a clothing brand that was later sold – Guilherme founded a creative agency while finishing his master’s in Business & Entrepreneurship, transforming his passion into a business called The Flying Man that rapidly won major brands like Four Seasons, Mercedes, and Adidas.

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