April 13, 2018
My piece of Paradise

Last August I had the opportunity to travel to Indonesia again. I’ve been there many times before, but something keeps calling me back over and over again.
This time, I went to a different Indonesia.

This country is known for its nature, culture, people and perfect waves.
But as the years and the tourists passed by, some places started to lose their authenticity and cultural richness, the main reasons for attracting all the attention on the first place. . kind of ironic right?
The essence of these places vanished and so did I.

As I keep searching for remote and authentic places in Indonesia, away from this mass tourism madness, I found my little paradise, with unbelievable landscapes, friendly local people and with world class waves (cherry on the top of the cake).
Blue crystal clear water, white beaches and genuine locals all around. I felt in love on the first sunset.

The name of this Island is not important, what matters is that you try to find your piece of paradise instead of going to the obvious that everybody goes, doing what everybody does.

(to be continued)