April 13, 2018
Is my life just travelling?

I get a lot of comments like: I wish I had your life. Are you travelling all the time?

Not really.
Yes, I’m blessed with the opportunities that I have. .to be able to witness all those beautiful places, people and their stories, and to do what I love while inspiring others! But I would say that 70% of my time is spent at home, working hard to make that happen. In Portugal, more exactly, where I live. I split my time between my office in Lisbon ( with The Flying Man team) and Baleal, where I also have a home and where I can completely “turn off” and stay focused to craft the Travel Stories.

These Main Travel Stories you have the opportunity to watch, go through a complex process that can take more than 4 months to be completed.

After each journey, the team get’s together to brainstorm and share all the experiences lived, and define the story that will be told. HumanEyes is all about real and authentic Travel Stories, so we don’t make up a concept or guidelines for the video, we just share memories and experiences, and then organize them into a structured Travel Story.
Traveling teaches you so much. .We always want to highlight the bigger learnings that the traveler brings home out of each journey.

After that, we divide tasks: start by creating the text together with the traveler and our Creative Luísa; find some music references and start the first drafts with Aurélien, our talented music composer; and organize all the footage into themes, according to the story of traveler.
And then the magic starts to happen. Long days, long nights and long weeks of editing: experimenting, failing, starting all over, testing and putting together hours and Terabytes of great moments into a compelling 3 min video that has to express all the feelings the traveler experienced. Luckily, I have the support of my team at The Flying Man, with Catarina, Francisco and Filipi, that work with me to make this project possible.

So… no. Much as I would love, my life is not only travelling. Me and my team work really hard to make HumanEyes a reality, and we absolutely love it 🙂