March 7, 2018
HumanEyes – How did it all started?

Hey world, what’s up?

I decided to complement my Visual Travel Stories with this Blog. Not because I’m a talented writer, no. But because there are a lot of stories I come across that are not caught by my lenses, so I figured I could share them in words.

The picture above is the oldest photo that I found holding a camera in a foreign country,
but it goes waaaay back than 2009-Reunion Island, but you get the point 🙂

How it all started?

This is my first blogpost so it’s important to explain what do I do and why I do it.
I was fortunate enough to start traveling with my family at a young age. The things I saw and experienced back then were not part of our normal everyday, so I felt the need to share them with my friends at home. That’s what made me starting to explore photography and videography.

The curiosity was growing fast and eventually turned into one of my biggest passions.

I studied Business and Entrepreneurship, the ideal background to turn my passion into an actual business. Years later, while I was finishing my Master’s degree, I founded a Boutique Marketing Agency called The Flying Man. Four years passed by, literally flying. Learned a lot and got the opportunity to work with great brands and people. But the passion that started all this was slowly vanishing. .

Locals fishing in Mauritius

That’s how HumanEyes was born. Created this personal project out of the Travel Stories I came across around the Globe, either mine or from inspiring people that travel fully. Project that is now proudly supported by The Flying Man team.

Playing with light in Reunion Island

The main objective is to tell real and authentic Travel Stories, showing what each destination has to offer, through my Human eyes and the Human eyes of the traveler. After all, the unique vision of a traveler is what makes traveling so exciting! It’s kind of a wake up call for what we are doing with our lives.

I want to inspire people to travel fully and humanize their travels, leaving a positive impact both on themselves and the places and people they visit in this beautiful planet.

So, thank you so much for your time and thank you for being on that side listening to my Travel Stories.

Come along, join me in this never-ending road.