April 10, 2018
Azores Islands like you’ve never seen before

Francisco Lufinha, adventurer and a true “discoverer of modern times”, lover of the sea and adventure. The “kitesurf man” holds the world record for the largest kitesurfing trip ever – 862km in 47 straight hours, without stops!!

His last adventure: Ponta Delgada – Lisbon, represents the world record for the largest double kite surfing trip (1646km in 10 days). He did it together with the german Anke Brandt.

In love with the Azores islands, Francisco Lufinha is the main character of the HumanEyes Azores video, where he shows us and reveals his “secret” while exploring the Azores islands.

While in his adventures he came across this special place, called Azores.
A place where natural landscape with vibrant greens and blues takes your breath away…

Where people are warm and welcoming and where you experience all the four seasons in the same day. There’s an infinity of activities to do in a group of islands that are true undiscovered gems, you just have to explore!
There you go!
Now it’s all yours.
Open your HumanEyes and explore away.