HumanEyes is a community of travelers in a platform of Visual Travel Stories, that aim to inspire others to travel fully and humanize their travels.

It’s not just another cliché project to convince people to quit everything and go search for something, without any direction or objective.

Actually it’s a wake up call for what we are doing with our lives.



We see travelling as an act of discovery, truthfulness and fulfilment. The visual stories we tell through our lenses belong to us, to you, and to the unique people we find in this surprising never-ending road.

Quick Facts about me

Name: Guilherme Melo Ribeiro (Sounds Russian?) Call me Guigas
Age: 25
Hometown: Lisbon and Peniche, Portugal
Occupation: Entrepreneur

City or Sea?
Definitely sea

Favorite places? 
The next one, preferably less crowded possible

Addictions besides travel? 
Surf & Music

Favorite Wave? 
Supertubos at home, and Lakey Peak Indonesia

Favorite food? 
Local Food. I Like everything but Pineapple
(don’t ask me why)

3 Endless travel memories?

1. Being in Sumba with just the locals, no phone no internet

2. Being assaulted in Costa Rica (lost all my equipment and footage)

3. Almost fainting playing football with monks 3000m high

Less crowded places you have been?
Sumba, River town in Myanmar and Bhutan
What inspires you to travel?
Inspiring others, engaging with local people and culture, becoming a better person
Favorite Smell?
Fresh sea breeze
A place on you Bucket List?
Papua New Guinea